About Us

We’re passionate about automation

My story

Over 10 years ago, I started a career in customer service. Which started at Belgium’s biggest retail chain, and evolved into a (IT) Service Manager role at one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of ceramic building materials.

Over the years, I’ve honed in my skills in customer service and digitalization.

In more recent years, I went on a mission to optimize my team and augment the service quality by utilizing automation and integrations.

I’ve worked with big tools like SAP and Service Now for CRM and ticketing respectively. I hold multiple Service certifications and am now focusing on applying that knowledge and skill to SMB’s who can truly benefit from a more optimized and cohesive customer and support service.

My mission

My mission is simple: eradicate all inefficient service processes.

We do this by advising clients on the best digital tools for their work. We then take it a step further by optimizing and automating processes as much as possible, without sacrificing for quality.

This allows businesses to save a lot of valuable time, and free up their staff to do more impactful things.